Paper about game

Dibawah ini banyak paper tentang game yang bisa diunduh…..

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A representation for databases of 3D objects

A versatile virtual prototyping system for rapid product development

An experimental study on the role of graphical information about hand movement when interacting with objects in virtual reality environments

Analyzing the performance of a cluster-based architecture for immersive visualization systems

Computer graphics applications in the education process of people with learning difficulties

Computer-based, game show-format interactive lectures – An alternative to didactic education

Designing and evaluating collaboration in a virtual game environment for vocational learning

Developing strategic and reasoning abilities with computer games at primary school level

Employing virtual humans for education and training in X3D-VRML worlds

Full immersive virtual environment CAVETM in chemistry education

Game content creation and it proficiency – An exploratory study Global citizenship education, school curriculum and games – Learning Mathematics, English and Science as a global citizen

Hologram – combining hologram with interactive computer

Hologram – Holopov – A previzualisation program for holographers

Hologram – Smart holograms Hologram – Some uses for everyday items

Hologram – the imposible holographic project Hologram – Visual perception and the holographic image

Hologram – White light transmission holography Hyper-bond – distributed collaboration in Mixed Reality